The Company

Current Marketing operates a fully staffed office in Scottsdale, AZ with the entire infrastructure necessary to conduct any business on behalf of ourclients. We act as a branch office for all of the manufacturers that we represent as well as a primary point of contact for all of our dealers and resellers.

Our firm has been in the territory since 1984 and has established an excellent track record of maximizing sales and providing best in class customer support.

We work in concert with our manufacturers to train and offer marketing assistance for our products. Current Marketing is also active in generating leads for dealers from consumers that are interested in our products.

Our very attentive customer service and support is always only a phone call or e-mail away.

Current Marketing is committed to the success of our dealers by providing these types of services:
The Team

With over 70 years combined experience in servicing retail markets, you'll be assured the team at Current Marketing will professionally fulfill your business requirements while accurately representing its manufactures.

Paul L. Epstein

Account Executive, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Bottle Washer.

) Current Marketing Corporation
Founded and is very active in all day to day operations of this manufacturers representative firm. Oversees all accounts with emphasis on maximizing sales. The firm has grown to be one of the leading agencies in the territory.

(1978-1984) Epicure Products, Inc. - Vice President, Western Region
Managed activities of independent rep agencies west of the Mississippi for this consumer electronics manufacturer. Active in product planning and forecasting as well as other management responsibilities.

(1972-1978) Playback, Inc. - Store Manager
Responsible for overall operations for this consumer electronics retail store. Staffed and trained entire organization at store level.